Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My dog met up with a porcupine and got "stung" by quills. What should I do?

Answer: Call the vet. You should get your animal seen as quick as you can. The earlier we can treat the animal and remove the quills, the less harm they will cause. A porcupine quill can severely harm or even cause death to your pet if it migrates too deeply.


Question: Why should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

Answer: There are many reasons why you should have your pet 'fixed'. It can help lower the risk of your pet developing certain types of cancers. It helps lower or can even stop the unwanted behaviour (spraying, roaming, marking territory). And the most important reason (as Bob Barker always said)... Helps control the pet population.



Is it true thast my dog and cat should have at least one litter before they get 'fixed'?


It is NOT TRUE. The chance of behavioural issues as well as the risk of Mammary gland cancers increases with each heat your pet goes through. 



Is it ok for my cat to eat only dog food?


No, cats need food with added Taurine. It is an amino acid that is not found in sufficient quantities in dog food. Without it, cats can develop severe, life-threatening eye and heart problems.



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