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JUNE 2014

Well folks, Spring is still here and I am not sure if Summer is going to arrive this month or next.  Are you unsure whether your dog or cat is getting the proper nutrition? Do you think that all of the pet foods are the same and that the Veterinary brands are overpriced when you can get the same style of food at the grocery store for a fraction of the cost? Unfortunately that is the slogan that these grocery store chains are popping up for everyone to see, and unfortunately these claims are completely false. We as professionals are seeing more and more issues with improper diets that can end up costing you an arm and a leg in the long run. Dental disease is on the rise. Dental problems with pets can lead to life threatening diseases of the kidneys or heart. Dr. Sanford is going on a conference during the first week of June and it is all about pet nutrition. Be sure to stop in for an appointment and speak with him when he returns... We’re sure he will come back with a bucket load of information on healthy pet care and proper nutrition for that loving member of your family.

Happy June

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