Horse De-worming Schedule

Long term use of the same de-wormer will cause resistance in worms but changing de-wormers every treatment creates resistance to multiple de-wormers. We recommend changing De-wormers every 3-4 years. 

Depending on which product used some will have to be given more often than others.

Quest and Quest Plus only have to be given every 3 months until the first frost.

Ivomec base products are given every 2 months. 

Strongid and panacure should be given as often as every 6 weeks.

Spring de-worming is recommended 2 weeks after the horse has been on grass. 

Fall de-worming should be given after a good frost with Quest Plus or Eqvalan Gold to kill bots.

Tapeworm treatment should also be done in fall with Quest Plus, Eqvalan, Strongid or double dose of panacure.

The best way to determine your horses de-worming needs is having your veterinarian perform a fecal exam in which the feces is examined for the presence of worm eggs, and the eggs are counted. The best time to have a fecal exam done is either 2 weeks after de-worming or 2 weeks before the next due de-worming. A fecal exam performed every year will help identify if there is resistance developing to a certain de-wormer. If there is resistance, a different de-wormer can be selected. 

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