Services Available

We offer an extensive range of services to assist in keeping your pet happy and healthy.                                     digital radiography

Some diagnostic tools that we have here at Sissiboo Veterinary Services include:

  • NEW DIGITAL X Rays - Fully mobile and wireless for in clinic or on the road to help diagnose bone problems as well as possible foreign bodies in the intestine or bladder
  • Ultrasound - To help diagnose soft tissue issues whether it be a tumor or inflammation  
  • CBC - Complete Blood Count machine enables us to detect any issues your pet may have with their red blood cells or white blood cells
  • Blood Chemistry Profile - Enables us to detect issues with organ functions, electrolyte abnormalities, or elevated glucose levels
  • Tonovet - a state-of-the-art device that allows us to detect Glaucoma, a severely painful condition, in your pet
  • ***AND THE NEWEST ADDITION*** - Digital Otoscope - This allows us to show you, the owner, what we are seeing deep down in those ear canals.

Referral services are also available, and used, when we are "puzzled".

We are pleased to offer the option of Laser Therapy as an alternative, or adjuvant, therapy treatment option.

We also have a Surgery Suite with the ability to provide the utmost of care and monitoring of your pet while they are having surgery. We have an excellent Pulse-Ox machine, and now we also have a ECG and are able to monitor blood pressureExam1_resize

Here at Sissiboo Vet Services we stock only the best in Veterinary Exclusive pet food so that we can keep them happy and healthy.

We also have a large Pharmacy fully stocked with both Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications to assist your pet in recovering from illness

Finally our front office has a large amount of Neutriceuticals as well as both dog and cat treats, and toys, as well as leashes and collars.

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